Our Services for Commercial & Industrial Pest Control

Every business has different needs. Price Pest Control is here to listen your needs and alleviate your worries. Whether you’re looking to take preventative measures to keep pests out or need help handling a critter infestation, we can help! Your business needs to represent your values and your mission, in doing so, it should be clean, inviting and comfortable for your employees and your customers to enjoy. No matter how clean your business is, pests can still get in. Unfortunately, if you spot one, there is a possibility for more.

Price Pest Control can keep your business pest free all year long. We use the latest techniques and technology to eliminate pests from your business, so you can get back to what matters the most: running your business!

  • Our trained professionals conduct a thorough inspection to understand what is happening.
    • Our professionals will give you an overview of the situation as well as the most effective treatment options available. The technician will also advise on how to control and eliminate your pest infestation.
  • It is pertinent that regular follow-up appointments occur in order to continue to evaluate and ensure that the implemented solution is working.
  • Technicians identify and pinpoint source(s) of the infestation.
    • We will provide resolutions that focus on fixing the problem at the source.
  • We use the most effective treatment methods and products that are PROVEN to be successful in a business environment.
  • Installation, maintenance and status reports are all part of our rodent control devices and services.
  • We offer documentation for government officials and health inspectors as well.”

Additional Services

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