Ryan Exterminating professionals are trained, licensed and insured to remove pests from homes as well as commercial and industrial properties.

Whether you have mice or a bed bug infestation, we are here to provide assistance in the removal of these pests. Our services help provide peace of mind to our customers.
We have served the Cedar Valley and Northeast Iowa for over 40 years, and have experience in treating homes and businesses to remove and deter pests from coming back.

Say goodbye to pesky critters and say hello to your new career!

We’re Hiring Pest Control Technician

• Weekly invoice review and scheduling
• Quality pest inspection and control service
• Invoice completion
• Payment collection
• Equipment maintenance

Insect Control

Ryan Exterminating provides extensive pest control services, addressing various pests like bed bugs, and more, safeguarding homes and structures from costly damage while offering efficient solutions for pest-free living and peace of mind.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice, carriers of over 35 diseases, contaminate areas with droppings and urine. Their chewing on wiring poses fire risks. We’ll remove these rodents & create a proactive plan to protect your home or business from future infestations.

Radon Testing

Have you had your home tested for Radon? Consider testing your home for Radon with Ryan Exterminating. This radioactive gas, stemming from uranium decay in soils, penetrates homes and affects around 71% of Iowa residences.